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Insane Stone

Gomitiere PRO - NEW 6 mm!

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Guida Taglie

PRO elbow pads

NEW 6 mm!


    • Made in neoprene of high quality, with a total thickness of well 6 mm to offer you the best.
    • Suitable for training and competitions of Powerlifting, CrossFit, Strongman, Bodybuilding, Calisthenics.
    • Designed for strength sports and excellent for bench press, parallel dips, slow forward and all exercises where the elbow is very stressed. Trying to minimize possible epicondylitis and joint discomfort.
    • The elbow pads ensure even pressure on the entire elbow
    • They quickly heat up the joint.
    • Designed to minimize the risk of injury and support performance.
    • Equipped with quadruple stitching reinforcement to maximize the longevity of the product.
    • Unique and innovative graphics
    • Original construction design to best support the joint
    • Used successfully by professional athletes and also loved by strongmen

UPDATE! We have recently updated the thickness of our elbow pads to bring it to a total of 6 mm, this to obtain the maximum efficiency and performance of the product ensuring the best comfort of use! As always we try to be unique, you will not find anywhere such a high-performance and comfortable elbow pad!


FIT - HOW TO WEAR: Our elbow pads are worn normally and should be positioned with the logo facing the outside of the elbow.

If you have difficulty, you can completely turn the elbow pad upside down, slide it over the arm in reverse until just before the elbow and finally turn it back on the correct side.

Sold in pairs

Size change available


If you are undecided between sizes because your measurement is between one size and the next, we recommend the larger one than your reference.

Cut it


Low bicep (cm)

XS 26 – 28


28 – 30



30 – 33



33 – 36




36 – 39

40- 45

This is a table indicative to help you choose the right elbow pad for you in the most suitable way.

* tolerance of 0.5 mm on the thickness


    If you make a mistake in ordering the size, just send the product to our address specifying the order number and exchange size. The shipment of the new size will be at our expense. If the new requested size is no longer available, a voucher of equal value or a full refund will be evaluated.

    Politiche di cambio e reso 

    48 hours in Italy
    Europe (including UK.): 3 working days
    USA and Canada: 4 business days.
    All orders will be processed as soon as possible, normally the next business day after the order.