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This material has numerous benefits that will perfect your performance. The thermo-stability and maximum breathability of the product improve blood circulation. The carbon fabric disperses the electrical charges that oppose muscle contraction thus counteracting fatigue. Really anti-odor and natural thermobacterial.

  • Antistatic

    The conductive carbon fibers disperse the electrical charges accumulated by the body during activity.

  • Electromagnetic shielding

    It protects the body from electromagnetic fields to which we are exposed every day with devices of daily use (eg smartphones).

  • Bactericidal

    Carbon eliminates a large number of microbes, acting on the cell wall of harmful microorganisms, destroying them.

  • Anti-odor

    Prevents microbial proliferation responsible for the formation of bad odors.

  • Durable and resistant

    Its characteristics do not diminish over time and are resistant to washing. It dries quickly, limits the formation of creases.

  • Thermoregulators

    Carbon is an excellent conductor of heat and, thanks to this peculiarity combined with accurate and complete perforation, it dissipates excess heat, keeping the body at an ideal temperature.

  • V-Fit

    The garment is made in an original way. It is resistant and at the same time
    flexible. It adapts to the body giving an impact look compared to standard size sweaters, it is wrinkle-free and does not require ironing.

  • Made in Italy

    The fabric is of high quality, totally made in Italy and subjected to a series of checks. The spun fabric is ennobled and checked before and after dyeing.

  • Quick drying

    A significant reduction in drying time is ensured compared to other garments, both technical and commonly used.

  • Lightness

    Thanks to the particularity of the fabric, while maintaining the thermoregulating properties, the garment is very light compared to other thermotechnical fabrics.

  • Breathability

    The stretch and adherent fabric, thanks to its micro holes, ensures excellent breathability.

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